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Intermediate ELL: Regions of the United States

About Our Expedition

At the request of the students, our class embarked on a geography themed expedition this year to study the beauty and mystery of this huge country. All the students in our class are new to the US. After researching they have became experts on one of the US Census regions. In addition, they developed a practical understanding of how the world is categorized into the 5 themes of geography.

Our Big Learning Targets

  • I can identify examples of the 5 themes of geography.
  • I can describe geographical features of a major region if the US.

Our Short Term Targets

  • I can understand the symbols on a map using a legend.
  • I can calculate distance on a map using the scale.
  • I can locate my country, region, state and city on a map.
  • I can research a region of the US using a graphic organizer.
  • I can produce a high quality presentation about my region.
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  Some Pictures from our Expedition